Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama Will Adopt Shelter Dog

It has been reported that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is currently petless but the Obama family plans to remedy that condition after Election Day. Spurred on with the help of a petition of 50,000 signatures Michelle Obama has recently declared that the family will adopt from a rescue shelter. reports:

Senator Barack Obama To Adopt Rescued Animal From Shelter
Potential "First Dog" in a rags-to-riches story...
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While Sarah Palin chooses to spend her free time shooting animals from helicopters and trying to manipulate the endangered species list, Senator Barack Obama is out and about rescuing animals from shelters.

Earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the Obamas were planning to add a doggy addition to their family. Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, quickly penned a letter to Barack saying: “Senator, no one needs to tell you that this country is proud to be a melting pot and that there is something deeply wrong and elitist about wanting only a purebred dog. Millions of Great American Mutts—the dog that should be our national dog—are set to die in our nation’s extremely overcrowded pounds and shelters for lack of good homes. When you are ready, please adopt a homeless pound puppy—a grateful refugee from a society that has not always treated the true “underdog” kindly—rather than cater to special interests who do not have dogs’ interests at heart.”

Well it looks like the Obama family listened to PETA!! Michelle Obama announced yesterday on Entertainment Tonight that her family was indeed planning to “adopt a rescue dog,” and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s no surprise that Obama is making the responsible decision here...

The Best Friends Animal Society have stepped forward to offer their assistance. Best Friends operates the country's largest facility for homeless animals, including "Dogtown". "Dogtown" is the famous canine arm of Best Friends that are best known for their weekly show on the National Geographic Channel, and for being host for some of the Vick dogs.

It should be noted that although the article implies it was PETA that was responsible for swaying the Obamas' decision there is no reason to believe that is the case as it also failed to mention the efforts of, a site run by the Best Friends Animal Society.

Republican candidate John McCain reportedly owns four himself, although it is not known if any are shelter dogs.

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