Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lucy Lou doesn't want to go blind!

From our friend Stacy Parmer, who runs the San Diego dog rescue, The Barking Lot.


So this is sweet little Lucy Lou...she came to us from Mexico. Lucy was sitting in the Perrera (Mexican dog pound) awaiting her fate of electrocution when we happened upon her. We brought her back to the states thinking this little gal would be a slam dunk for getting adopted quickly, but all that got sidetracked when we discovered that Lucy Lou could hardly see!! Who knew this gorgeous, pudgy purebred Cocker was going blind? Yep, Lucy is 23 lbs and only 2 yrs old & has juvenile cataracts...all she sees is fuzz at the moment and she bumps into the occasional wall, but there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow! Lucy Lou's cataracts can BE FIXED!! She needs some rather expensive surgery ($4000), but once she's had her operation, our little lady will be able to see better than ever & our fun-loving gal can get on with life! She's an ABSOLUTE doll!! She loves people and is so engaging & excited to say hello, clumsy as it may be! Her friendly & outgoing disposition wins her many canine companions and she loves their company too!! Lucy deserves to have her sight and family that's willing to love and adore her for years to come! Please, please, please do what you can to help!! Even $10 will move us toward our goal & Lucy will once again be able to see!

Thanks, Stacy.  Please go to Lucy Lou’s Fundable’s site to make a donation.

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