Saturday, April 17, 2010

A volunteer’s journey moves forward

Speak! has returned.   I’m sorry for having been dormant for so long.  There are a few excuses I could offer, but really, what does it matter?  What’s more important is what’s triggered the return.

Last year I intended to chronicle my experiences as a volunteer at an animal shelter, specifically the main shelter in Martinez for Contra Costa County’s Animal Services department.  After a few rounds of phone tag following the submission of my application I never did get to speak with anyone and the journey ended there.  Probably further complicating the matter was the fact that one of my dogs’ licenses had recently expired and the county requires all their volunteers’ pets have up to date licensing. 

I decided to give it another try.  I made sure the shots and licenses were in order and was more persistent with the phone tag.  It got me a step further.  As I write this I’m preparing for my first shift.

I hope to have stories to share.  A lot of them.  Stay tuned.

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