Tuesday, February 24, 2009

from the Houston Examiner:

The Great Pit Bull Debate: A Great Success

February 23, 12:32 PM
by Amber Biddle, Houston Dogs Examiner

I almost entitled this as In Conclusion, but I chose A Great Success instead. Why? Because I don’t believe this is a subject that will ever stop being debated in our country, but also I do believe this debate, no matter how ugly it got, was a tremendous success. I believe that all who came to the table in this particular debate brought something valuable. Everyone brought either expertise, experience, statistics, or opinion. This debate has been fun, critical, educational, and for some, eye opening. One of the biggest things I learned was that the mere subjects that I discussed in my column were only scratching the surface of the plight of the American Pit Bull Terrier. There are more than two sides to this fence.

There seemed to be one common thread, however, that is my muse for this article. All those who took the time to comment, regardless of their experience or opinion, are passionate about their animals. Pit Bull or otherwise we all love this animal and feel compelled to defend this animal and it’s mixes to the death. And that, my friends, is one of those beautiful things about life we all seem to forget. We are truly blessed to be graced with any dog in our lives. Any and all dog breeds are subject to abuse in this country which merely adds fuel to any dog lover’s fire. As I continue to hear stories of “pit bulls” in the news I do find myself wondering the history of the dog and whether or not it is in fact pure pit, or mixed, or a pit at all, however, that doesn’t really matter when I am overwhelmed at the treatment of the animal and the living conditions with which it has been living. As a participant in animal rescue and rehabilitation, this always was and still remains my biggest concern. I am sure no matter how much time I and my colleagues spend rehabbing dogs, there will always be a need for rehab. But we do it because we love them and we know they too can love.

So in honor of the dogs, as well as all the dog lovers who participated I would love to share with you some foundations that you may find you would love to participate in or donate to yourselves. Many of you already do this, so PLEASE share your own ideas in the comment section.

Pit Bull Rescue Central www.pbrc.net/

Noah's Ark Animal Samctuary www.noahs-ark-sanctuary.org/foster.html

Animal Charities of Americe www.animalfunds.org/index.asp

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