Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Feature! Shelter Dog of the Week

This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly installment. This is my shelter dog of the week. These dogs are from the Contra Costa County Animal Services Center in Martinez, California.

Speak's first Shelter Dog of the Week is Sheba. I first noticed her on the Martinez Animal Shelter dog listings. I spent some time with her today. She wasn't too interested in me.

The other dogs that pass
ed by were much more interesting. It's understandable and a little sad, too. She doesn't share her kennel with another dog so she doesn't have any interaction. But she did take a moment to completely cover my face with kisses.

Little is known about her. She had some rather large healing wounds on her back and side. She's estimated to be approximately 13 months old and clearly not aggressive and had plenty of affection to give. She doesn't like giving balls back, so "fetch" is one game you won't be able to play with her. Here's a much better picture of her from the shelter's website.

They were busy at the shelter today so I didn't get to spend time with these other two, but I thought they were worth mentioning. Sheba's neighbor in the adjacent kennel was a big boy named Brutus.
He wasn't a barker and just seemed to want some attention. He's about two years old.

Finally, there was Star. She, like Brutus, just seemed to want a little attention. She had a very skinny body so she must have been neglected. What an adorable face on this one.

It's still heartbreaking to know that not all these dogs will make it. The Martinez shelter is NOT a "no-kill" facility but please remember that ALL shelters would be "no-kill" if only they had the resources.

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