Sunday, February 22, 2009

PBS' Nature Hits a Winning Note

PBS recently aired an episode of Nature called "Why We Love Cats and Dogs". Based upon the title alone wouldn't make it noteworthy, but one of the segments will absolutely tear your heart out.

It's called "Jerry Gets Sick". Here's's description:

Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano’s dog Jerry was the CFO (Canine Fun Officer) in the business they ran from their home office. But when Jerry became ill, Jim and Rene decided to sell their business and their house — and they hit the road with Jerry.

It's a must watch. If you don't come away from this segment without tears in your eye then you just ain't a dog lover. Click here to watch the full segment on the PBS Nature website.


LiveWorkDream said...

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for your kind words about our segment in the PBS show. Our Jerry meant the world to us, and we are just honored that we had the privilege of being his pawrents. And doubly honored that we were able to share his inspawrational life with the world.

The show is being aired again on various PBS channels around the country, check your local listings for airtimes.

Thanks so much.
Rene, Jim & Spirit Dog Jerry

Jon Low said...

Rene, Jim & the spirit of Jerry,

Thank you for visiting the site, but more than that, thanks for sharing your story. It's yet another shining example of how wonderful our dogs can be, and in the quest to fulfill their souls they fulfill ours in return.

God bless.