Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chihuahua Completes Two-Year Journey Home

This item comes from the Best Friends Animal Society:

Oh, Bebe!

March 10, 2009 : 1:54 PM ET

A Chihuahua named Little Bebe – missing for two years – has been found 700 miles from home. And she’s about to be reunited with her person.

A Best Friends employee is driving Bebe to Los Angeles to meet up with Renee Clark today (March 10).

Two years ago, Clark took Little Bebe to a Los Angeles-area shelter to get a companion dog for Bebe. She’d already filled out the paperwork and was picking up the dog. She left Bebe in the car while she ran inside. When she returned, her car had been broken into and Little Bebe was gone.



On March 5, Bebe turned up in Salt Lake City at the Humane Society of Utah, after a woman gave her up, telling the shelter she and her husband had a new baby and couldn’t keep the dog. The shelter, in turn, discovered that the three-year-old dog was implanted with a microchip. The microchip company had her listed as stolen and still under her original person’s name, says Jessica Almeida, the rescue coordinator for the shelter.

So shelter staff called the phone number and it was still in service. “We called and Renee was shocked,” Almeida says. “She told us, ‘Oh, my gosh, Bebe was taken from me two years ago!’ She was elated. She was ready to hop on a plane and come up here.”

Coincidentally, a staffer with Best Friends’ Los Angeles Programs was scheduled to transport 31 rescued shelter dogs from Los Angeles to the Humane Society of Utah for placement in foster homes and just happened to be driving up March 9.

“They asked if I’d take Little Bebe to Los Angeles to be reunited,” says Jameson Yu, a Best Friends staffer who is taking Bebe back to California. Yu says he’s happy to be the one to reunite them. “It’s good to get them back together again after so long.”

Check back with for the reunion story and photos.

Written by Cathy Scott
Photos of Bebe and Jameson Yu by Michael Rinker

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