Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shelter Dog of the Week

My shelter dog of the week was delayed a bit because of the sad reality of the municipal shelter I normally visit is that they're understaffed and simply couldn't spare the enough time to allow me to visit with any of the dogs one-on-one. Another sad reality is that the Martinez Animal Shelter still had no shortage of perfectly adoptable dogs.

I asked the shelter's lone volunteer that was attending to the dogs what was the single dog she could identify that had the most hard luck story she surprised me. Her first response, naturally, was that they all had hard luck stories, and there's no disputing that, but instead of picking one of the numerous Pit Bulls she told me it was it was Nathan, a short-haired Chihuahua mix. Apparently, small dogs are not as adoptable these days. Nathan has been there the longest.

I didn't want to take up any more of the volunteer's time so I didn't ask to visit with him. Unfortunately, the only photos I have of him are behind the metal door of his kennel. Here's a better picture of him from the shelter's website.

Unfortunately, last week's shelter dog of the week, Sheba, was still in her same kennel, right next to Star. Those two have both been there for a while now. If something doesn't happen soon they could be facing an unfortunate end.

Another thing that I found surprising was a cute little puppy named Beauty was still there. I hadn't mentioned her previously figuring that a cute little baby puppy would be adopted quickly. Yet there she still is. If you're a sucker for adorable little puppy dogs Beauty's only 2-3 months old. And she'll certainly be a very pretty girl when she grows up.

Finally, I asked the volunteer for her personal favorite. She told me it was Brie, a 13-month old black and white Pit Bull. She said Brie's sweetness is what made her so special.

All the dogs you see here are available at the Contra Costa Animal Services facility in Martinez, CA. Their telephone number is 925-335-8300.

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