Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've never used this forum to make a plea like this. I hope I never have to again. Take a look at the little cutie below.

Jennifer Warner, fellow Pit Bull crusader originally told us this about her.

Yesterday this sweet little girl had so much sadness in her eyes, she is loosing hope after being in a kennel for so long... you can see the video I did of her a few weeks ago and how happy, gentle and adorable she is.

Please post her on your profile so she can find a home before her time is up! Adopters can go to meet her at the Pasadena shelter or call 626-792-7151

Earlier today she had this update.

Update 3/4 5pm: authorized for euth tomorrow. Call 626-792-7151 ask for #A244630 if you can adopt or rescue her. She's had zero interest, the shelter is full, and she's been there the longest. :*(

Just looking at her picture doesn't do her justice. Look at her in this video:

I have never been affected by a single dog as much as I have by this one. This adorable little runt is so innocent and charming it's heartbreaking to think of her being put to death. If anyone reading this is in a position to help or knows of someone else that can please tell them about her. She deserves better than this.

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