Friday, April 17, 2009

Ellen Degeneres is a phony

Recently, talk show host Ellen Degeneres got her name in the news.  As Hollyscoop puts it, "Ellen Degeneris is known as a huge animal lover. And she’s decided to show her support by selling the clothes right off her back!"


Before you get all warm and fuzzy about her take a closer look at the benefactor of all this hulabaloo, The Humane Society of the United States.  That's just great, Ellen.  Of the multitudes of organizations you could have chosen you picked the one that needed the money the least, the one that does not own, operate, or financially support even ONE shelter, the one that called for execution of newborn puppies seized in a dogfighting ring just two months ago even though the puppies hadn't yet been born when the raid took place.  Them.

She couldn't have picked the ASPCA, or the Best Friends Animal Society, or any thousands of local shelters and rescues around the country.   It just had to be the HSUS.  And certainly, she wouldn’t even consider a mom and pop rescue operation like Mutts & Moms, the dog rescue she nearly single-handedly destroyed by her thoughtless and selfish acts back in October 2007.

Ellen began one of her shows in October 2007 with a monologue where she wept while telling the story of Iggy, a rescue dog she had recently adopted.  She claimed that Iggy couldn’t get along with her cats and had given him to her hairdresser.   The hairdressers kids had bonded with Iggy, but when Mutts & Moms found out they demanded the dog be returned.  Through her tears she asked why they had to take Iggy from his new home where was loved and cared for.  Why do this to Iggy?  Why do this to those kids?  It was quite the heart-wrencher.

What she didn’t tell everyone was that she signed a contract that very clearly stated that Ellen had “no right to transfer” Iggy to another person or organization and that Mutts & Moms would have the right take the dog back if she did not abide by that term.  Clauses like this are not uncommon.  It’s done to ensure that the dog doesn’t end up with the wrong person or back in another shelter if things don’t work out.

As a result of her weeping and whining Mutts & Moms’ reputation had been destroyed.  Their donations had dried up.  Death threats had been made not only to the Mutts & Moms’ operators but to the rescue dogs as well.  That’ll show ‘em, huh, Ellen?

In the wake of this incident it was revealed that this hadn’t been the first time Ellen had done such a thing.  Inside Edition had discovered that there had been at least five and potentially as many as nine separate occasions where Ellen had adopted a dog and then pawned it off to someone else a few weeks later.  The term they used to describe her was “serial adopter”.

Ellen can fool her fans but can’t fool the rescue community.  She can put her mug on all the sacks of dog food she wants.  Actually, it’s quite fitting that she’s chosen the HSUS.  A phony celebrity that takes no direct action to help dogs giving money to an phony organization that takes no direct action to help dogs.

One final note about Mutts & Moms.  Thankfully, they survived Ellen’s bad-mouthing and are still rescuing dogs.  Please visit their website and make a donation if you can.

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