Monday, April 20, 2009


Last month I made the most desperate plea for help I’ve ever made for a charming little Pit Bull mix at the Pasadena (California) that was set to be euthanized the following day. 


Swooping in like Superman, the good people with The Barking Lot, a San Diego rescue group, and saved the little cutie who had only been known as animal #A244630.

I recently heard from The Barking Lot’s Stacy Parmer who had some good news.  Animal #A244630 now has a name, Twinkle.  Stacy herself is fostering Twinkle, and she’s doing just great.  She’s made friends with Stacy’s other dogs and it seems like she has having a lot of fun playing with them.  Stacy also believes she’s mixed with Whippet which would explain why she’s such a little one.  And if she wasn’t perfect enough Stacy also reports that Twinkle’s housebroken, too!


She sent a few pictures.  This one was my favorite: Twinkle 8

To top it all off Stacy took a video of Twinkle in action.


Twinkle is still available for adoption.  She has a profile on Petfinder.  I know there’s someone out there who can help her complete the final chapter of her comeback story, the one where she lives happily ever after.

Stacy, thank you so much for everything you do for all the dogs!  Folks, please visit The Barking Lot online to learn more about their miracle work.

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