Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Marco…

Catherine Hedges is an extraordinary person.  She’s dedicated her life to rescuing animals and has become a true hero in the rescue community.  She works tirelessly to raise awareness and has even participated in rescue operations, some of them hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

Rescuing animals is not the kind of thing you do for the money, but there other kinds of rewards, the kind you cannot measure in terms of dollars and cents.


She recently shared this with us on Facebook.

“Meet Marco....he saved my life.

Marco was the Katrina dog that was the catalyst to our renting a van and driving back from Katrina with dogs instead of flying home. If I had not promised him he would go back with me, my car accident never would have happened, and the cancer would not have been diagnosed when it was. I saved Marco's life and he saved mine.

See the video of my journey (and Marco's!):

Rest in peace, Marco.”


Marco (left)

Catherine, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to share your story.

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