Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Save Scarface

Our friends from the Paws for the Cause dog rescue in South Dakota recently told us of a particularly special dog that has run into some extraordinary circumstances.

Hi everyone- meet Scarface! He is a 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. Scarface had a sad start to life- the backyard breeder whose dog had Scarface was going to kill the little guy because of his cleft palate- even though it caused him no problems.Save Scarface!!! Luckily he was saved for the first time by a family who took him in. Unfortunately, a little over 2 months ago, Scarfaces' owners lost their home and had nowhere for him to go. So, instead of taking him to a pound or shelter (where he most likely would have been euthanized or ended up in the wrong hands) they took him to a boarding facility until we could find Scarface a safe, responsible and caring rescue and foster home. The days passed and now Scarface has been in boarding for 2 months with no rescue. We are working hard on getting him out of there but he has quite a boarding bill- $700- and since our rescue is funded only by kind and caring donators, I am asking for your help. We all know that things are tough for bully breeds, so especially for all of you bully breed lovers, PLEASE HELP SCARFACE!!! Scarface is a wonderful, sweet and loving dog who gets along great with cats, dogs and kids. This dog has a heart of gold and is a perfect example of all the good qualities so many pit bulls out there possess. I am begging for everyone to forward and cross-post this to help poor Scarface. Also, please contact me if you would like to contact his boarding facility to verify any information!
Kitra Nelson
Paws for the Cause

It’s not often that Paws for the Cause makes a special appeal like this, but as you’ve just read Scarface is in need of some special consideration. Please help him however you can. A special site has been set up for him

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☼ ♥ Dog Mom ♥ ☼ said...

Jon! Thanks for posting this! Not only did Scarface meet his goal to cover boarding costs, but as rescue has stepped up to help transport & find him a home! I hope he continues to get donations for the remaining days on the fundable to give him a good start in his new life!

thanks again jon!