Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Businessman offers $500 to replace boy's slain dog

Lately, we've been finding horror stories from all over Canada. Yesterday, it was British Columbia and Ontario, today it's Nova Scotia and Alberta.

From the Edmonton Sun:


PINCHER CREEK -- A 42-year-old Alberta woman charged after five puppies were thrown down an outhouse and left to die last winter has pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges.

Samantha Rieberger of Crowsnest Pass faces a trial in Pincher Creek provincial court Feb. 9.

A co-accused, Frederick Hoath, has already gone to trial, and a judge is to hand down a verdict Sept. 29.

The two were charged last January after RCMP were called to an outhouse along Highway 3 near the Alberta-British Columbia boundary.

A motorist who had stopped to use the outhouse heard whining coming from inside.
The eight-week-old Lab-cross pups were rescued after a lengthy operation that saw the outhouse taken apart, and all five of them were given a clean bill of health and adopted out.


HALIFAX -- RCMP say a Halifax-area man awoke to a disturbing scene on his front lawn early Monday.

They said the man was roused by a bright flash outside his Lower Sackville, N.S., home and noticed that something was on fire.

The man went outside and soon realized that a cat had been set ablaze.

Police said he covered the cat to smother the flames and then notified police and municipal animal control.

The cat did not survive.

The above two stories are just so maddening. Don't you wish that these sick people could be given reciprocal punishment? People like these are Jeffrey Dahmers in the making. Stop them now.

A final story from Canada today. A hopeful follow-up for that poor little Jack Russell puppy's family.

VICTORIA -- A Victoria businessman has donated $500 to get a B.C. boy a new puppy after the child's dog was shot by a hunter.

The Jack Russell terrier had belonged to 12-year-old Max Rose on Quadra Island, near Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Bill Lang said when he heard the dog had been killed last weekend he wanted to do something about it and contacted the Rose family.

He said the breeder of the original dog has another similar puppy for the Quadra Island family, and the donation from Lang and his wife will cover the costs.

The puppy had replaced another dog that had helped the boy while he recovered from a brain tumour.

The hunter turned himself in to police, reportedly saying the shooting was an accident. The Crown is weighing charges in the case.

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