Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just for Laughs

Obama Unharmed by Rabid Chihuahua Attack

She may be ill-tempered and dumb-as-a-post, but no one would dispute that Sarah, as the chichuahua is called, is as tenacious as they come, and it is this quality that has endeared her to millions of Republicans. As the hours rolled past and tiny Sarah continually refused to give up on her quest to chew through Obama's leg, all were quite impressed with her impotent ferocity as well as her admirable bravery in the absence of consequences.

"I like her, she's got spunk," said lifelong Republican and mother of six Pat Ryott. "I hope she never stops chewing on that damn elitist ankle. he's being viciously and mercilessly attacked, and he acts like he doesn't even notice. How aloof is he?

Please click on the link. "Sarah" is hilarious.

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